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Monday, February 17, 2014


Sorry y'all for being a mute in the blogger world but A LOT has happened since I last posted so I guess I'm off the hook!  Let me start off by saying I am now back in Richmond, Virginia where I was born and raised and couldn't be happier!  There will always be a place in my heart for South Carolina and specifically, CHAS and COLA.  However, a true Virginia girl will always end up back where her roots are!  

 UPDATE: I am currently the Personal Shopper for the Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store here, The Pink Palm and I am loving every minute of it!  I love trying on new pieces from the various shipments and having the knowledge of what will look good on our costumers and their body types!  So naturally, I want to buy EVERYTHING!  That being said, I have picked my favorite items from the first SPRING 2014 delivery, SAVANNAH to share with you!  

Nigella Maxi Dress | Resort White In The Garden | $228 | Nigella Maxi Dress Resort White In The Garden |
Eaton Shift | Resort White In The Garden | $188

Friday, May 17, 2013

Stationary Obsessed

If you love stationary and monogramming you MUST check out maydesigns. They have the largest selection of all types of stationary from personalized agendas to note cards.  I first saw may books being advertised on instagram and absolutely fell in love.  I love to organize and collect all sorts of stationary.  I recently just purchased my very first may book for an every day planner.  I AM OBSESSED.  For starters, I love the fact you can pick your own color, design, font, monogram, and choice of pages.  The may book I chose was the non-dated monthly calendar which is around a $22 price point. AWESOME, I know.  All you stationary junkies out there, THIS IS HEAVEN. Please indulge yourself!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Sunday y'all! 
 Today is Mother's day and I couldn't be more excited!  I have one of THE strongest mothers out there.  Not only is she beautiful on the inside and out, she is honest, loyal, determined, strong, highly intelligent and extremely loving.  My mom is truly my best friend.  Now this mother's day is a little different, for me that is.  I am a new puppy mom!!!!!!! Eight months ago, I was given a black lab.  That day I was actually babysitting and wanted to bring the little kiddos to look at some puppies and play with them.  Not actually planning on purchasing one THAT DAY.  That being said, a loving woman came up to me and the kids with this handsome 6 week old black lab.  He was shaking, scared, and in the arms of someone who truly wanted the best for him.  She said to me, "Miss, are you planning on adopting anytime soon? You look like you are good with dogs and this little fellow came up to my door and was hungry, would you be interested in giving him a loving home?" {thinking maybe for half a second} I immediately fell in love.  There were no questions asked.  He was mine!  From that day on I have been a loving puppy mom to Duncan.    Although I may not be a mother to a child, my little 8 month old black lab is my baby!!!!! So to all the MOMS out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY:)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

My beautiful Mother!
Duncan and I
Wilson and Duncan

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Such is life"
 I am a sucker for anything french!  I am so intrigued by the culture and would love to actually visit one day.  (Honeymoon Idea?) Maybe.  I also am a sucker for the "french, cursive, sayings" on EVERYTHING!  This has been such a trend lately whether its on pillows, clothing, jewelry, wall decals, stationary, etc.  It's just in right now and I can't seem to get my hands on enough.  When I really think about the saying, SO MUCH comes to mind.  One thing in particular that clouds my mind when I see or hear this is, be so grateful for what you do have and try not to stress over little things that you think are "So big" at the time.  It's life, things happen BUT things will go on, I promise! :)  Now lets get to the fun part

Sweater: JCREW

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dearly BowLoved

Dearly BowLoved,
"The Bow" Such a girly statement anywhere you see it.  Whether it be on a present, outfit or shoes.  GREAT piece to spice up an outfit.  My favorite {Go to Bow} would be the nude patent emery J. Crew bow flats.  
J.Crew Factory Emery Flats 

Emery Flat in {Red}
 Another trendy bow style I am in love with this season, BOW SHORTS!  The idea of a short that is not suctioned to your leg and gives you some breathing room and also is comfortable at the same time is simply a win win in my eyes.
Bow shorts in Royal
Bow shorts in Black
And now, it's time for the BOW JEWELRY! 
You can never go wrong with simple gold bow earrings, timeless.

Monday, April 8, 2013

She loved life and it loved her right back!

"It's always summer somewhere"
 "Life is a party, dress like it!"
"Not always sunny, but always in a sunny state of mind"
"Makes every hour a happy hour!"
"The lilly girl is always full of suprises"
-Lilly Pulitzer  

Let's take a moment and remember the beautiful, colorful, and classy life of the iconic Lilly Pulitzer.  She has and always will be such an inspiration to many of us.   

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Carolina Cup

A darling hat. A cute dress. Soon to be a drunken mess.  Ladies and Gents
Welcome to Horse Race Season!

Some may go to the Cup, Derby, or Fox Field but one thing is always the same and that is FASHION.
{Loud colors, monograms, huge hats, bow ties, painted coolers, koozies, girlfriends, seersucker, pictures, croakies, jack rogers and lots of Lilly Pulitzer
The all time outfit