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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Sunday y'all! 
 Today is Mother's day and I couldn't be more excited!  I have one of THE strongest mothers out there.  Not only is she beautiful on the inside and out, she is honest, loyal, determined, strong, highly intelligent and extremely loving.  My mom is truly my best friend.  Now this mother's day is a little different, for me that is.  I am a new puppy mom!!!!!!! Eight months ago, I was given a black lab.  That day I was actually babysitting and wanted to bring the little kiddos to look at some puppies and play with them.  Not actually planning on purchasing one THAT DAY.  That being said, a loving woman came up to me and the kids with this handsome 6 week old black lab.  He was shaking, scared, and in the arms of someone who truly wanted the best for him.  She said to me, "Miss, are you planning on adopting anytime soon? You look like you are good with dogs and this little fellow came up to my door and was hungry, would you be interested in giving him a loving home?" {thinking maybe for half a second} I immediately fell in love.  There were no questions asked.  He was mine!  From that day on I have been a loving puppy mom to Duncan.    Although I may not be a mother to a child, my little 8 month old black lab is my baby!!!!! So to all the MOMS out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY:)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

My beautiful Mother!
Duncan and I
Wilson and Duncan

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