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Friday, May 17, 2013

Stationary Obsessed

If you love stationary and monogramming you MUST check out maydesigns. They have the largest selection of all types of stationary from personalized agendas to note cards.  I first saw may books being advertised on instagram and absolutely fell in love.  I love to organize and collect all sorts of stationary.  I recently just purchased my very first may book for an every day planner.  I AM OBSESSED.  For starters, I love the fact you can pick your own color, design, font, monogram, and choice of pages.  The may book I chose was the non-dated monthly calendar which is around a $22 price point. AWESOME, I know.  All you stationary junkies out there, THIS IS HEAVEN. Please indulge yourself!


  1. this is such a cute post and your blog is lovely! i love the pictures on your sidebar:) could you check out mine please? xx

  2. I got my first may book planner this year. I loved it at first, but sadly I had to go out and buy me another one :( there's just not enough space to write all my assignments, work shifts, and reminders. I still keep it in my purse though and use it while I'm out without my other planner. But I still love the design and the personalization with it!

  3. I love my planner! Haha need it! :) Awesome post, thanks!
    Penny Rose

  4. maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3