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Friday, March 8, 2013

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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Guess what is right around the corner???? The Carolina Cup!! This is such an exciting time for any Lilly lovers out there!  Not only do you and all your girlfriends get to dress in your lovely Lilly Pulitzer dresses and over sized hats, you also get to enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere of the beautiful horses!  

Picking the perfect dress:

  First things first, always pick the dress that is for your body type.  This is always hard because we like certain dresses that we can't always wear.  It stinks, I know.  However, I believe in leaving a little mystery behind in what you wear.  If you show all your assets, there is simple nothing more.  A classy lady    never shows too much.  Next, the color is a huge part of the dress.  Everyone has their signature color and what they feel the most comfortable in.  Make sure to take that into consideration when picking out your cup dress.  
Last but not least, your hat!  The bigger the better!

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